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With over 10 years of hands-on experience in church Administration, Dr. Reid earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Memphis (formerly known as Memphis State University). Years later, she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University, and a 2nd Master’s Degree in Human Services from Capella University where she had also maintained a 4.0 GPA as a doctoral candidate. After an undeniable God-move that made ALL things work together for her good, along with her passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry, she was led to complete her doctoral program in Christian Organizational Leadership at the Newburgh Theological Seminary in Indiana.

     Since 2008, Dr. Reid has been the President/CEO of The Twin Ministries Empowerment Network, Inc., whose brand signifies “two or more ministries coming together with one vision to empower the community and promote excellence in leadership.” Currently a ministry-gift to the Body of Christ, she was last, an 11-year employee of Pinnacle Airlines (which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines). Her devoted customer service skills earned her Pinnacle’s 1st Annual Recognition Award for Employee of the Year. From an abuse victim to a breast cancer and lupus survivor, Dr. Karen D. Reid is yet the sum total of a working project in progress, who has found her forte as a committed “author-preneur” and Leadership Development Consultant. Thus, her personal tagline: “When you evolve into who you really are, you won’t mind embracing why you were.” #K.DR



The Twin Ministries (T. T. M.) center around outreach ministry (particularly for seniors and homeless persons in need of food, clothing, and personal items), while also providing care packages, grocery giveaways, medical supplies, and transportation as needed. As the President/CEO of T. T. M. and a content creator, Dr. Reid also uses her platform and passion for writing to create meaningful change in both leadership and relationships. Turning her pain into pages and her past into privileges, she enjoys publishing, promoting and displaying her leadership and empowerment training materials to pastors & leaders, and non-fiction, self-help books at Christian conferences around the country. Often, her passion to empower leaders compels her to donate many of the materials when needed.

     Additionally, Dr. Reid uses her ministry opportunities to provide mentorship/coaching, and on-the-job training to aspiring authors, entrepreneurs, and college students during conference settings and community events. And, she is always ecstatic when God makes provisions for her to support other, non-profit organizations. With a heart of compassion for starving children, the poor and needy, and victims of clergy, sexual abuse, Dr. Reid specifically supports The Hope of Survivors in Sonoma, CA, several, local women's shelters, and Haitian missionaries, Bobby & Sherry Burnette, whose Love A Child organization is headquartered in Ft. Myers, FL.

     She acknowledges that she has not been perfect, but she has been faithful! Thus, her motto is: "When you evolve into who you really are, you won't mind embracing why you were." With this defined motivation to rise to the occasion, she was assigned high-level mountains to show others that they could be moved. Restored to re-present, Dr. Reid's latest vision has made way for The Twin Ministries to present the "Strong Girls Club," a ministry to both single and married ladies for the purpose of exchanging positive vibes and inspiring one-another to come together with one vision to help promote grace for single and married living.

     With so many culturally-learned, negative quirks and behaviors, the ultimate goal for The Twin Ministries' Strong Girls' Club is to provide networking activities on a consistent basis in an effort to refresh, reflect, reset, reconnect, rebuild, and reboot. Dr. Reid's assignments reproduce what God has brought her through, and God's approval reflects what He has brought her to. Totally understanding the assignment, The Twin Ministries Empowerment Network represents two or even multiple ministries coming together with one, global vision to impact the community by promoting excellence in leadership.

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