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DISCLAIMER: This is not the typical, tell-all story; it is an uncompromising expose! Emotionally and sexually abused by religious leaders, God has anointed me in the area of my affliction to purely expose the devices of Satan and challenge the Body of Christ to raise the standard of holiness, purity, and integrity. As I am willing to become transparent in this three-part series (From Mistress to Ministry), my testimony capitalizes on scriptural references and information, in conjunction with past experiences, to present a biblical reformation that will promote genuine holiness in a wayward church. The principle of spiritual warfare is that we must be called to order before we can advance to the next level of victory. My objective is three-fold: to nurture damaged spirits, to foster a healing process for victims of abuse, and to present the deliverance that repentance brings to those who are trapped in sexual sins.                                                                               


Pastors, can God count on you to avoid the damaging effects of committing spiritual incest? Husbands, can your wives trust you to sidestep the immoral acts of committing adultery? Fathers, can your daughters lean on you to steer clear of raping them of their innocence? Teachers, can our children expect you to be mentors, and not molesters? Executives, can your subordinates rely on you to refrain from sexual-harassment violations in the workplace? Political officials, can your citizens depend on you to protect them against economic hardship? President of the United States, can God trust you to call this Nation back to Him and snatch His people out of the hand of the enemy? More than mere members of an organization or population, we are your sons and daughters. Thus, powerful ambassadors, will you cover us in our vulnerabilities and not continue to exploit us because of your imperfections?

“For the time is come that judgment [deliverance through investigation or examination] must begin at the house of God”…  When the Kingdom of God does not influence the nation through truth and righteousness, the leadership of the nation is not equipped to positively affect its citizens. However, the nation cannot be healed until the Church has been cleansed. Thus, we cannot afford to remain complacent to the issues of clergy misconduct and the abuse and misuse of spiritual power. Secret issues can only be eradicated by exposing old wounds; otherwise, hidden infection will inevitably spread throughout the Body. In presenting this 21st-century exposition of the consequences of making ungodly decisions, I minister based on where I am, after I have judged myself – based on where I was. “Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; but have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the Word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscious in the sight of God” (2 Cor. 4:1-2).



“Hey 'Adam,' ‘where you at'?"


In view of what has been established in my Trilogy for both males and females, leaders and laymen, this journey continues as a spin-off from: God, Why Didn’t He Cover Me? Just as this intriguing component continues to offer a unique smorgasbord of legitimate inquiries that may not fit the typical reader’s practical perspective, the project is intentionally-informal with jargon-laden language that may not be acceptable by “church folks” and academic audiences. As said by one reader: “This book is likely to press some buttons.” Particularly, such chapters as Chapter 6; entitled: The 21st-century Adam “Sin-drome,” is certain to arouse the “rabble-rousers.”

    At any rate, I invite you to explore a very rare assessment of the first and last Adam. Especially rewarding for the reader who values the fact that Adam was the figure of HIM who was to come (Rom. 5:14b), my question is: Could it possibly be that Adam was engaged in covering his bride and not preoccupied with hiding his sin? Since Eve was the weaker vessel, maybe Adam took the fall and willfully gave up his immortality to become her covering. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 7, of what I felt was Adam’s defense. “I did not go out and find this woman on my own; I was in a deep sleep when You created her from the bone that was closest to my heart. You did not authorize me to keep her for as long as she made healthy decisions and was not tempted. You gave her to me for better or for worse.

    Even in her sick mindset and unhealthy state of being, should I have not set the precedence for the second Adam? After all, if it took an Adam to mess things up, would it not take another Adam to clean up the mess? Since the ultimate plan was for Jesus to die and save the world, I just assumed that it was my obligation with all diligence, to save and protect the woman whose seed would produce the first generation for a particular dispensation. Because we were no more twain but one, I did what I did, because she did what she did. She did what she did because Satan did what he did. Either way, you allowed Satan to be Satan so that Jesus could become Savior. Being that it was the responsibility of the first Adam to demonstrate to the second Adam what love had to do with it, I decided that it was in my best interest to give up my immortality for the love of the woman that You gave me. Did you forget? YOU gave me this woman! Since she unintentionally fulfilled her purpose to produce evil so that You could carry out Your intentional plan to demonstrate Your goodness, it would be an enormous contradiction to count her sin against her.” “Now what?”

    “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners” … (Rom. 5:19a). Why Adam would demonstrate perfect love and give up immortality for the love of a woman is really the focus of my investigation. Why Jesus would give up immortality and leave the Father to die on an old rugged cross is a large part of the conclusion. Evidently, when God looks at us, He sees Jesus, but when He looked at Eve, He saw Adam. All over the world, Jesus is the Lamb, but in this book, Adam was a real man because he took the stand.  Brace yourself, as this provocative revelation may likely augment your investment. In my southern colloquial and best Ebonics, allow me to say it like I’m feeling it, “Hey Adam, ‘where you at?’ I’m ‘gonna’ need you to take a stand, and be ‘da’ man! Come on ‘y’all,’ ‘let’s get back to Eden’!”

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